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This is the perfect destination for a once in a life time holiday, a quick flight across the lake is worth the smile on your children’s faces when they see the amazing sites of Florida.

Quotes for the holiday of a life time

Search for your holiday online with us you will get the best deals with us, but with all the competition out there, you would be better off calling and speaking to one of our senior advisors for the best advice about your trip.

This is the one place in the world where you can ask everything and more. From mickey mouse to the rocking roller coaster, all it takes is the best deal with amazing prices and then the off to the airport you go.

Universal Orlando Resort

Universal Orlando Resort is an amazing theme park but it also has another park called the Universal’s Island of Adventures. Both parks are in walking distance and on site hotels with the famous Hard Rock café with the Blue Man Group doing they’re famous shows.

Walk right into movie set at the Universal Studios the world’s most famous TV based park, you can be walking down the road to the Rocking Rolling coaster and see the Blues Brothers driving along in their stolen police car. You can also walk right into the Universal’s Island of Adventure which is all about marvel based characters who come to life and show you the experience of being a marvel character. Plus you can walk right into brilliant and magical of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter which has recently opened in Universal’s Island of Adventures.

Experience the live music, dancing, new movie realises and the shopping experience. Walking into the Universal Citywalk is always unexpected with the bright lights and the outstanding Blue Man Group is at their home at the Universal Citywalk. Why not take some time out and have an outstanding dining experience at the Samba Brazilian Steakhouse & Lounge.

You’d best have a good nights sleep before you head off for once in a life time chance to ride all the amazing rides at Universal Studios and the Universal Islands of Adventures. With the boiling sun on your shoulders you best got your sun cream at the ready with the fabulous weather Florida lives up to. With all the fantastic theme parks around Florida such as Bush Gardens, Wet and Wild, Disneyworld or even Discovery Cove were you can swim with actual dolphins, but make sure you book to avoid missing out on this dream

Florida Holidays

From the amazing dream everyone has of the clear white sand and clear blue sea, why not also head to the Gulf coast to the Latin vibe of Miami. You can find a nice quiet and private spot of your very own but you can also spend the day with millions of tourists all relaxing on the beach or visit the very own beach bar with the filled shores. If that’s not your style you can always visit they’re museums, galleries and charming historical venues.

While Florida holidays may be a bit too much for some with all the theme parks Orlando has to offer, why not take a relaxing break in the Florida Keys, City breaks to Miami or to the beautiful Gulf Coast, there is so many places to go in Florida you may need a day or two to unwind and regenerate for the rest of the holiday.

When people dream to go to Florida the two top places people go to see the relaxing beaches of Kissimmee and Orlando. This is the home of Disneyworld and the amazing Universal Studios in Orlando and many other fun filled theme parks. Over 47 square miles is the amazing Disneyworld Florida is four magical theme parks. They have the wonderful Magic Kingdom which is home to Sleeping Beauty’s famous castle; they also have two water parks called Disney’s Blizzard Beach and Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon. Why not visit the Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Epcot, there’s so many things to do and places to see, you can have a good nights rest in the All-star resorts on site and also thousands of fabulous dining experiences for a nice juicy steak and a coke.

Forget the thousands of tourists going for a Disney holiday to Florida why not try to find a cheaper accommodation in the fabulous Kissimmee down the road. Millions of accommodations available all year round with the relaxing destination why not opt out for cheaper offers available. But to get around this beautiful country you will need to hire a car at the Sanford airport to get around Orlando and it’s only a short drive into Orlando and Kissimmee. Having the chance to hire a car is the best option because no matter how big your party is, they have big enough cars for you all. Plus is also allows the tourists to see the beautiful country and get to visit more of the theme parks.

Florida Gulf Coast

Another top destination is the Florida Gulf Coast which is just outside Orlando and also on the coast around the beautiful Tampa. You can enjoy the beautiful sunsets over the Gulf of Mexico, why not sit on the beach watching the sunset with a fabulous cocktail at hand. On-site accommodation is the amazing St. Petersburg which has the motels, hotels and the talented American ‘efficiencies’. Beautiful place to enjoy and relax on the Gulf coast.

Miami with its nightlife, beaches and the art deco architecture and the outstanding Latin ambience is the favourite places for tourists for their city breaks. Trips to Miami can involve the unique Everglades National Park.

Whichever holiday to Florida appeals to you, you must visit or call one of our senior advisors where we will make sure you get the best deal of a life time.