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Disneyland Paris

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Disneyland Paris

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Why not go to the magical place where Disney comes to life? Book with us where we sell the onsite Disneyland Paris hotels and the tickets for the different parks available.

Before this magical park was called Euro Disney, but now it’s known as a magical adventure. It’s an amazing destination whether you’re young or old; this park will bring out the big kid in you! This park was built in 1992 by the Walt Disney himself, with 15 square miles it is always being refurbished and updated with new rides and attractions with its well know Disney’s Once Upon a Time Dream Parade.

With the two parks Disneyland parks offers; they also have seven different unique hotels. A little bit of magic never hurt anyone?

There is numerous of ways to get into Disneyland Paris, such as the Eurostar, travel by car, coach or plane. This once in a life time resort is only approximately 40 minutes away from three different airports in Paris. Also the train station is approximately 35 minutes away from Disneyland Paris.

Disneyland Paris is an all year around destination, its open all year around with all the seasons involved from Valentine’s Day to the spooky Halloween to the fairy-tale Christmas.

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