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Costa De Almeria

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Costa De Almeria

If you are looking for the splendour of unspoilt Spain at its original best, Costa De Almeria is the place for you. With interesting fishing villages to enjoy and hidden coves on the acres of breath taking coast which is spread out along 200 miles of scenic coast.

If history and culture is what you’re looking for Costa De Almeria is more than ideal for you. With vast amounts of history and culture it will give you plenty of food for thought. It’s also home to a great variety of attractions. Located in between the mountains of Sierra Nevada and the Mediterranean Sea on the South East coast, perfect if you wish to experience that true Andalusian feel.

Popular to many visitors is the incredible troglodyte cave villages and Europe’s one and only desert known as the ‘badlands’ of Almeria. (This was the 1960s location for various spaghetti westerns and the truly epic production of Lawrence of Arabia which starred Peter O’Toole.)

If you are looking for a beach holiday in Costa De Almeria, some of the most popular resorts are Mojacar, Almerimar, Anguadulce, and Roquetas de Mar. If you visit the port city of Almeria, you’ll find a place which is overlooked by an imposing Arab Fortress or head for one of the area’s natural parks such as Cabo de Gata.

As well as the beach and all of the sights, the weather also provides a definite reason to holiday on the Costa De Almeria with the summer temperatures being in the region of 25°C. The average summer sunshine is around 10 hours per day it keeps even the most eager sun worshipper more than happy!

Although still one of the less popular visited area of Spain’s Costas, Costa De Almeria has a distinctly unspoilt feel to it. There is certainly a more traditional Spanish aura along this coast and although resorts still cater well for British tourists, those who are a little more adventurous and are looking to experience the traditional Andalucia will not have to look far.