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Prague is a truly wonderful City, the beautiful capital of the Czech Republic will not fail to impress for the perfect city break.

Natural Heritage and Unesco listed, it is rich with history which makes it a popular destination for tourists (the city itself receives more than 4.1 million international visitors yearly.)

The City is full of architectural gems, Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance era buildings and waterside scenes which would be perfect for romantic proposal. The size of Prague means it is easily to scour by foot making sightseeing easy.

If you stumble across the famous barrel bars why not drink the reasonably priced Pilsner and you will see Prague as a fantastically inexpensive destination for romantic weekends away or city breaks that everyone will be able to enjoy.

Wenceslas square

Wenceslas Square is more of a street, which is a central point and home to some of the most fascinating and awe-inspiring historical buildings in Prague. Right at the end of the street is the Grand Czech National Museum and there is a statue of St.Wenceslas on his horse. Just 5 minutes away is the Town square which is a great place to explore the City.

Prague Castle

Prague Castle is hard to miss, it dominates the city’s skyline and brings a romantic ambiance as well as history to Prague.

It is a great starting place for wondering around the city where you can view the changing of the guard (12:00 daily), explore the many historical buildings which form the world’s largest castle complex and you cannot miss out The Golden Lane which is where famous writer Franz Kafka used to live previously. You could spend a whole day just exploring this area alone and that’s without seeing all the other delights that are on offer.

Other attractions

With there being so much to see in Prague you could walk around the streets all day and never be able to see everything! Some of the other highlights are: The Jewish Quarter, Charles Bridge, Old Town Hall and Powder Gate. You may well be needing more than a long weekend break in Prague to encounter all its delights. Do this by washing the ambiance down with a Pilsner!