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Paris is the place for romance, food, culture and art. If you’re just going for a weekend or for a relaxing week, Paris has the accommodation for you.

You can stay in the 5* luxury hotels with fabulous views of the famous Eiffel Tower or just a normal hotel with comfy beds with self-catering, or you can shop on the Champs-Elysees and fall in love with the city and their bright lights.

Paris is one of the top city breaks on everyone’s bucket list, why not come here and try the famous frog legs or even snails if you’re feeling adventures.

Eiffel Tower

Take a romantic stroll down the famous Champ de Mars and watch amazing views of lovers declaring their love for one another, at the world famous Eiffel Tower.

With an amazing 324 meters high and a brilliant 3 levels for tourist to visits, this is the most visited landmark in Paris, but book early to avoid disappointment with queues.

The Louvre

This is the home to the amazing Mona Lisa; the brilliant Louvre Gallery is the top visited museum in the world and has over 8 million visits annually.

If you have never seen the film ‘The Da Vinci Code’ then you will not recognise the famous pyramid sculpture outside, but if you have then it will be better to see it in real life with its lifelike scenery.

Other attractions

The Moulin Rouge is the main nightspot in Paris with the amazing shaped cabaret theatre and the amazing Can-Can. Also another amazing attraction is the world famous Disneyland Paris, perfect for a family holiday or even with the loved one. Book the holiday of a life time and see all the characters come to life.