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This is Germany capital city of the art and the culture. Berlin is the place to be with the thousands of bars and restaurant’s to spend your evenings eating the wonderful curry sausage or even take a stroll with the loved ones down to the Michelin star cuisine.

If you’re interested in World War 2 or the facts behind the fall of the berlin wall in 1989 / 90, are the places for the historical factors in Berlin.

Berlin is the place for the historical and brilliant for the long city weekend or even for an all year around destination.

The Brandenburg Gate

Berlin’s most important monuments, this divided the East from the West Berlin. This happened on the 12th June 1987, the famous Ronald Regan said ‘Mr Gorbachov – tear down this wall’.


This is berlins largest public square on the heart of Berlin. It’s the perfect spot for doing a little bit of shopping and seeing the sights that Berlin has to offer. But also this is the place where the one million people congregated here on the 4 November 1989 to demonstrate against the GDR shortly before the unique fall of the Berlin Wall.

This destination has its landmarks with the 365 meter tower, the Brunned der Volkerfreundschaft and the brilliant world time clock.

Other attractions

From the 2012 UK Olympics, tourists who have the sporting industry at heart they can visit The Olympiastadion which has hosted the 1936 Olympics

You can also visit the Checkpoint Charlie at your weekend break or even visit the Holocaust Memorial or visit the Berliner Dom. Whatever you decide to you, this country has it for you.